How To: Optimize Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

How To: Optimize Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

Though nearly 88% of business enterprises are using social media for marketing purposes – not all of them are equally successful. To fully succeed in social media, you must consistently begin to monitor social media channels for sharing content and building communities.

You start your social media marketing strategy in a way that aligns with measurable business outcomes. You must learn to optimize your approach to social media.

Remember there are no magic tricks or hidden tactics but only practical engagement with your existing and prospective customers.

Failure to engage is the most suicidal step when it comes to implementing social media marketing strategies.

Identify who your customers are as also those who influence them. Try to appreciate how your clients discover content, consume content and what prompts them to take action in a social media context. This will go a long ways towards planning more active social media marketing efforts.

Ascertain to what degree your customers are asking questions and engaging on topics relevant to your brand, products, and services. Find out who are the influencers on social networks for your customers.

Use those insights and leverage them in your social media content planning to ensure that you are providing relevant and purposeful information to your buyers as well as quality content that influencers can use to further their objectives.

Remember that when influencers are encouraged to share your content on social networks it helps them, it helps your buyers that follow the influencers and, of course, it benefits your brand.

One of the most key stages of social media marketing is the transition from a sales-oriented content approach to one where active efforts to attract and engage a community remain the focus. Provide interesting and informative content rather than merely promoting your brand through social channels.

Make your information, as far as possible, useful information and not blatantly promotional. Your content must be packaged in an entertaining way that lures your customers.

Stick to the formula – 75% of your social content should be useful, 3rd party content and the remaining 25% something to do with the brand promotion.

Further, make sure the brand content and messaging you do share is timely, relevant and purposeful from the audience perspective.

The result of social media optimization is to ensure your social content is easy, enjoyable and satisfying for your community. You must periodically audit your site to give social networks the information they need to understand your content.

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