How to Repair Bad or Damaged Negative Online Reputation?

How to Repair Bad or Damaged Negative Online Reputation

Creating a positive perception in the minds of customers takes a lot of effort and time. Reputation is one of the most important things a business or brand has. As an entrepreneur, you should go to any length to ensure that your online reputation is not tarnished by any adverse comments or customer feedbacks.

Here are some ways by which you can restore a positive online reputation of your brand if it has been adversely impacted by negative customer reviews, comments, and opinions.

  • Removing Links: It is undeniably easier to remove the pages that you own but you need not worry about those that are not directly under your control. You can politely request the owner of the website to remove the pages from their site that are causing a threat to your reputation.
  • Creating a Social Profile: The main aim is to have the name of your Company or brand appear among the top few results in the search engines. The best way to achieve this is by creating your business or personal profile on the social media as these profiles fair well in the results of search engines. Make sure to create your profile on some of the giant social networking sites, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
  • Make Sure Your Online Accounts are Active: It is better to have as many active profiles as possible in the social networking sites. Active results are better than the dormant ones for both positive online reputation and for the search results. Add as many followers, friends and connections to make your profile stronger for gaining more visibility in the social networking sites.
  • Have a Domain Name of Your Own: Individuals do not but businesses own a domain name. Thus register a ‘domain name’ with the same keyword phrases that match with your name. Add portfolio, resume, blogs, and links to the positive content in your domain that you would like to share. You can also add your social profiles to it.
  • Become a Blogger: Google loves linking to those blogs that provide quality content. Thus, it is a good idea to start a blog of your own. Always make use of your real name and write about your expertise and interest area and link to it.
  • Make Use of Videos and Images: As Google loves videos and images, create videos and post images with your real name in alt tags and file name. Post these videos on You Tube.
  • Provide More Links: Google views some websites and pages as more important than the others on the basis of the links that are attached to them. You can make this work to your advantage by frequently linking yourself and sharing the links on your blogs, social profiles, and vice versa. Always add links back to your profile from another website where you have posted as a guest. While providing links, stay away from link farms and link schemes.

This is how you can rebuild your online reputation and restore the trust and credibility of your brand to your customers.

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