Removing Bad or Bury Unwanted Information From Google Search Results

Removing Bad or Unwanted Information from Search Results

Everyone has the freedom of expression and you cannot take this right away from anyone. Extending this liberty to the Internet many people like voicing their opinion online. If you are an entrepreneur and you discover that your products and services have received back feedback from the customers, you would work harder to revive your online reputation. There are a couple of strategies and techniques that you can follow to do away with negative search results. The two best ways to deal with bad search results is either by removal or suppression.

Removing the Links from Internet  

If you want to remove information permanently from the Internet, you have to remove the links. Eliminating a link means the search engine can no longer link to the bad result. Once the links are removed you can be assured that negative search results related to your name will not pop up. But removing the links is not an easy task. There are two types of links. One category of the link is directly under your control and the other category is not.

Removing the Pages You Own

Removing the pages that you own is not a difficult task. Say, for instance, you have a business page in Yelp or a profile in Facebook. You can edit your profiles by removing the unwanted content that is creating a negative impression for your business. Put down genuine and positive information on your profile. If you still feel you cannot save your profile, you can delete your account. This approach may not work all the time. Some websites may permit you to delete your account but not the reviews. You have no control over the reviews. This means by deleting your account, you will miss out on receiving positive reviews in future. Thus be careful while choosing this option. Thus it would be wiser to maintain your account and concentrate on earning positive reviews.

Removing the Pages You Have No Control Over

For removing pages you do not own, the best approach is to contact the owner of the website through email and explain to him that a web page on their site is adversely affecting your online reputation. Request them to remove the page to help you salvage your reputation. Your request can be ignored or overlooked but it is always worth a try. For instance, the mug shot websites may allow you to remove your photo if you are able to prove that you have gone through the rehabilitation. Make an earnest effort and if you succeed in this approach, you are truly lucky.

Suppressing the Bad Links:

Sometimes you may be unable to remove bad links. Then the next best option is to suppress them. You can do this by subduing the negative material with the positive material.

You can supress the bad links in the following ways:

  • Publishing various kinds of media, such as images, podcasts, and videos.
  • Maintaining an active blog and posting quality content on a regular basis.
  • Emerging as a leader by posting expert suggestions in the professional columns.
  • Dropping comments on different websites in your niche market.

With the help of these suggestions, you can effectively eliminate negative reviews, blog posts and customer feedbacks from the Internet.

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