How to Spring Clean Your Online Reputation

How to Spring Clean Your Online Reputation

Whether you’re searching for your next job or attempting to get a suitable bride or trying to improve your online business, it is of paramount importance that you clean up your online reputation.

Google your name and see what results throw up. You may be shocked with all nasty things people have commented about you online. Immediately get in touch with the person/s that have posted bad comments and suitably explain your stand and ask them to delete the negative comments.

Studies show that in 90 percent of all such cases, people withdraw the bad comments and even apologize if they are in the wrong. Every time you find something online that is positive, and then try to highlight the information.

You must frequently clean up your online (especially on social media) profile so that people that matter does not see anything bad about you.

“Have friends but treat them such

  Never let them know too much

  For when your friends become your foes

  All the world your secret knows.”

Don’t let anyone photograph or video you sipping alcohol, smoking a cigar, being promiscuous or bare bodied, using vulgar gestures etc. Never use offensive language online, even if your privacy settings are at the highest. One wrong gesture or unguarded utterance can mar your online reputation.

Please make sure that your social network privacy settings are on high. But that this does not offer you the license to be inappropriate.

Go through all that you have posted on social media profiles last year. Delete every photo, video and comment that is even remotely offensive.

Google your name, address, phone number, email address and pseudonyms to see what results are out there about you. If there is anything bad or negative, take steps to delete them. If the bad comments are under the control of someone else, exercise all your options to have them removed.

After you have removed all undesirable comments, you can then start the process of highlighting the positive stuff. The more positive stuff shows on the first few pages of search, the more the bad stuff will be pushed down into oblivion.

Cleaning up your online reputation is now absolutely essential —as just one stray adverse comment can ruin for your reputation fairly quickly. Create an online reputation strategy.

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