What is Pinterest Marketing? Why is it Important?


Why is Pinterest Marketing Important? 

Pinterest is the third most visited social media site that is rapidly taking over the online marketing scene. Pinterest  was founded by Ben Silbermann and is a site that makes use of pin boards to share things such as products, services and events and share photos and images. Like other social media sites, each user manages their own profile and they all get a chance to pin their favorites on their Pinterest pin boards. This, as you can see is a direct form of online marketing. Due to this known fact, Pinterest is being used as an online marketing tool by most businesses successfully online.If you dont have Pinterest marketing as part of your online marketing mix,you are losing a huge chunk of online traffic.

Pinterest works by letting its users pin the things that they like on their own pin boards. By doing so, you are able to create a myriad of all the things you like and you are also able to introduce other people to the things that you like. This means that you can use Pinterest as an online marketing tool to market and showcase the products and services that your company offers. It is advantageous and easy at the same time. All you have to do is join the social media site and create an awesome pin board.

Importance of Pinterest in Marketing

  • Pinterest has been fast growing and has new signups happening every day. Being a new social media site, it is fast growing and attracts millions of people everyday because people are always interested in new things. Many people are joining and viewing Pinterest and that is why it is important to include it in your business’ marketing strategy. The large database attracted by Pinterest will assure a ready market for all your products and services.
  • Pinterest ranks highly in the search engine listings because it receives high traffic in viewing; much higher than Google Plus and LinkedIn. If all these social media sites alone have such large percentages of signups, then you can imagine how beneficial and important Pinterest will be to your business once you employ it in your marketing strategy.
  • Pinterest will help you draw so much traffic in viewers to your site. Pinterest differs from all these other social media sites in that, each time you pin an item to a pin board, it will link back to your site automatically. So any time someone clicks on your item on their pin board, it redirects them to your site immediately. Your business will therefore benefit greatly from the use of Pinterest.
  • Pinterest has a way of rapidly increasing your site’s viewership because it allows people from other common social media sites and blog spots to view your items. This is basically more than triple the number of viewers you get from other social media sites working alone. Its partnership with these sites and blogs is to your advantage.
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