How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business Marketing

How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business Marketing

There are multiple ways to avail the advantages of using Twitter to effectively marketing your products and/ or services.

Twitter is widely used as a simple and speedy way to microblog in 140 characters or fewer to express one’s thoughts or voice one’s opinion. But more and more business organizations are nowadays coming up with innovative methods to use Twitter. They use Twitter as a tool for effective online marketing as also word of mouth marketing.

It must be clearly understood that Twitter is an interactive publishing medium. To exploit Twitter optimally for marketing purposes you will have to tweet sensibly and strategically.

Setup a Twitter account with a name that is appealing, makes sense, easy to spell and remember and a name that matches the name of your business organization or nature of your products/services.

Ponder over how you can best use Twitter to your business advantage. Draw up an strategic plan as to how you will get followers, the types of people/companies you wish to follow, frequency of posting, the nature of content, landing pages etc.

Your plan should include a whole list of things you can tweet about – business news, blog posts, key announcements, special offers, industry news etc.

Use Twitter to constantly identify people tweeting questions you can satisfactorily answer. This can be a method to build relationships and develop rapport with potential prospects for your business.

Work towards developing a lively interaction between your followers. If your business is mobile, then you can straightaway post your event of the day. Try to inform followers about events you are conducting or attending

Post thought provoking content with the aim to instigate others to re-tweet and disseminate it to their followers. Make it a point to follow on Twitter others who are working in your line of business or who are associated with your industry. Also watch out who those people are in turn following.It will be a good idea to setup URL tracking using hootsuite or or tinyurl to enable you track which links you post attract maximum clicks.

Use sound third party Twitter tool like TweetDeck to enable you to post and read posts of those you are closely following. Adhere to some healthy Twitter etiquette by not just posting about yourself all the time. Alternately, interact with people, re-tweet useful and meaningful content posted by those you are closely following.It will be worthwhile to setup Twitter landing pages on your organization’s website to maximize conversions when you direct people from your twitter page to your website.

You can also promote your Twitter address on your organization’s website, your email signature, facebook page etc. If possible, have your tweets published directly in a section of your website.  You can also have your website blog posts published directly to your Twitter account.It will be great if you can foster relationships and build a community around your brand. Do not hesitate to ask your followers for feedback information as that would help re-orient your Twitter marketing strategies.

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