Will Facebook PPC Marketing prevail over Google PPC Marketing?

For years Google has controlled the online advertising space, draining the focus and pockets of many marketers. It is been for many a very love-hate relationship for marketers with Google due to its unpredictable behavior and unjustified slaps. However, many marketers however who have used Google for years are turning their focus to what appears to be a site set to shake Google’s Search sobriety very soon. In this article you’re going to find out why now is the best time to focus your attention to Facebook PPC and away from a fading and outdate Google.

Facebook PPC advertising is beginning to at last get some legs. For a number of years it seemed that Facebook was hopeless obis for marketers looking to cash in on the social network. It seemed like these users just weren’t interested in clicking on advertising, let alone convert them into buyers. The only benefits some gave Facebook credit for was for market research and the occasional viral video that spread throughout its members. Facebook still in its infancy is beginning to find its feet in the PPC market for the first time since it began and marketers are cashing in, some are finally beginning to report profits comparable to Google’s hay day back in 2005, 2006.

Facebook is here to stay and there are a number of reasons why. Facebook is not only set to continue to be the world’s largest social network, its set to be the search engine of the future also. With Facebook’s extreme popularity and the data it has smartly accumulated about over 500 million members it even now has the ability to deliver people what they want. Because of the data Facebook can offer advertisers, advertisers can laser target their market by sex, age and interests. This contrasts Google’s keyword engine which, as time moves on, becomes more and more ancient and frustrating for marketers.

Facebook marketing is now becoming a viable, profitable and respectable way to market online for businesses. Not only that but many marketers are coming up with more and more advanced strategies for profiting through Facebook PPC. With Facebook’s cheap clicks compared to Google, the former has become the buzz of the internet marketing world today. The question on everyone’s lips now is not “Will Facebook last?” but, “What will Google do now?”

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