How to handle negative comments on social media

How to handle negative comments on social media

Social media is assuming a lot of importance and businesses can ill-afford to neglect social media marketing. But the fact remains that social media has its own share of demerits.

 Handling negative comments on the social media is indeed an annoying task of running a business. But negative comments and adverse criticisms may not often too frequently if you are running your business ethically.

But even the best run businesses occasionally attract negative criticisms and it is a part of running a business.

If you have a professionally trained customer service team, then your business can handle negative criticisms with ease.

In-person and phone complaints are less damaging and can be dealt with easily. But any adverse comments made online will receive huge publicity unless you take prompt remedial measures.

Imagine someone complaining about your business somewhere highly public like your blog or Facebook page? The damage can be far-reaching.

Never ignore negative comments as that could be suicidal. Contact the commentator and explain the position. If the complaint is authentic and there has been some lapse on your part, never hesitate to apologize publicly. This can help diffuse any anger on the part of the complainant.

The way your business handles social media complaints will be watched by any number of other people who may be your prospects.

Let the world know you care for your customers. Believe it or not, complaints, if resolved and handled well, can turn disgruntled customers into your biggest advocates and help build brand loyalty.

Acknowledge all complaints that appear on social media. Ignoring complaints will not help your cause and it is difficult to delete them and thousands will be reading it. Take a head on approach and respond in a timely manner.

If the complaint is simple and can be resolved on the spot make sure that remedial measures are promptly taken.

Again if the complaint is mischievous and false and posted with the intention to damage your business, do not haste to threaten legal action.

Ask your happy customers to post favorable reviews. Make sure that the positive reviews are so overwhelming that the negative comments are pushed to lower pages in search results.

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