Why You Should Be Using Twitter for Business

Why You Should Be Using Twitter for Business

Small is effective

With just 140 characters per tweet, there certainly isn’t any room for fluff or unnecessary stuff. You have to be real to the point with Twitter and of course, this makes it easier for the person looking at it. Ultimately, short and sweet wins!

It is a two-way communication

Well, Twitter pushes you to follow others; and, many of those tweeters would want to follow you as well. So, this is certainly a two-way street as far as communication is concerned. People can know that you are listening to them, customers have themselves heard, and brands tend to engage with potential customers, anytime and anywhere. Thus, Twitter is great for receiving feedback, building a great brand reputation and for simple communication.

Twitter is in real time

When you look at your Facebook newsfeed, you would notice that it seems jumbled up at times. Updates posted from the past few days may appear next to the pictures that were posted the very moment and a few things do not get seen at all. Facebook has a peculiar algorithm which decides what you can see and what you cannot, making it really frustrating for personal users and business owners alike. But, it is not so on Twitter. Here, everything gets published in real time; moreover, every follower can get to see every single tweet. And, this makes it quite invaluable for small businesses.

Make it visual

Twitter has made a lot of changes in the past few months just to encourage users to perhaps share more videos and photos than ever before; it is at present a much more visual social media network. Of course, this makes it truly perfect for sharing news as and when it happens.

Improve your PR

Social media tends to wear many hats and PR is absolutely one of its most influential, in particular when you see how many journalists are using Twitter. It can be an excellent tool to share stories as they happen. Your brand, your news and your reputation spread like wildfire on Twitter. All you need to do is just make sure that you are getting the right message conveyed across out there.

Your customers are tweeting already

The use of Twitter is growing all the time. Customers are having conversations already about your products and services online. The question is whether or not you are involved in the discussion.

On the whole, Twitter is fun. There isn’t any other platform which empowers you to connect with customers and people you would never generally meet, share tips and advice, follow an event without being there, share videos, smile at photos and ask for recommendations. What’s more, using Twitter will not seem like a chore as you will enjoy generating leads via it. And, it doesn’t get any better!

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