Why your business should be on Instagram

Why your business should be on Instagram

Gradually, Instagram is taking a front seat in assisting businesses to mark a strong online presence. Well, let us have a look at why you must consider Instagram for your business:

Growing popularity of Smartphones

The way in which people access the web has dramatically changed in the last ten years. Though people rely on their laptop or computer to browse the web, more people are using their Smartphones now. It is estimated that about 89% of activity from the mobile media comes via an app; this increases the value of maintaining an Instagram profile. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Instagram is capable of thriving off of their mobile application. So, it is easy to use for both businesses and customers.

Everyday usage

On a daily basis, millions of users are on Instagram. And, this clearly offers you a lot of potentials to introduce your business to prospective customers.

Newsfeed posts

There is no guarantee that your customers will see your newsfeed comments or updates if you are on Facebook. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, a lot of more fans are not having a look at the posts on the FB pages they follow. Besides, if a customer marks you as spam, you might be blocked altogether from their newsfeeds. As Facebook tends to charge for marketing, it is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to contend with bigger brands. But, with Instagram, your posts will appear in the newsfeed of your customers if they opt for it. In other words, more customers are likely to see your content and posts, eventually creating brand recognition for your business.

Flaunt your stuff

Every dollar matters as far as business is concerned. Hence, small businesses struggle to contest with larger corporations, particularly when it comes to advertising, marketing and getting attention from the target crowd. But, Instagram seems to level the playing field, allowing you to display what your firm has to offer. By using hashtags and photographs, your business can develop its online following from people across the world.

Online presence & SEO rankings

If you want to be found easily on search engines, have content on a lot of different channels. It is important for your business to turn up in the initial three listings on the very first page of a search engine; otherwise, your business will be overlooked. All those comments, hashtags, and likes on your Instagram profile is capable of doing wonders for your online presence.

Targeted marketing

Use hashtags in your Instagram posts as they allow you to target your marketing to those that you know are interested in your service or product.

Interact with customers

As soon as you get the attention of new customers, Instagram offers you the ideal medium to connect and interact. Make it a point to comment on the photos of other people; search hashtags, tag usernames and so much more so as to get your business to be more easily seen and drive more attention to your firm.

Realize that Instagram is totally changing the way businesses market their product. Make full use of it and benefit in a large measure.

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