What Is Social Media Command Center & Why Is It Important?

What Is Social Media Command Center & Why Is It Important?

What Is Social Media Command Center & Why Is It Important?

If you have even the slightest information about digital marketing world, then you must have heard about a social media command center. The brand you are working at may already have one, or may be thinking about getting one soon.

Having a social media command center has become a widely used term over the last few years, especially after brands like Dell, Cisco, Gatorade, and American Red Cross started showing off theirs. But what exactly is a social media command center, and why is it important for a business?

What Exactly A Social Media Command Center Is?

Social media command center is an area a company dedicates to its social media team. It aims at monitoring and engaging social conversations around a brand and its market.

Specially hired employees sit in these command centers and constantly watch what their customers or clients are saying about their brand through Facebook, tweets, Instagram messages, snap chats etc. Usually, brands use these areas to show off and flaunt. They make glass-enclosed, sleek rooms installed with several large screen televisions.

When you look into them, they display dials, live-streaming of tweets, heat maps across the globe, and other relevant information regarding the brand and its popularity. A social media command center allows the team to monitor their brand’s marketing efficiency trends, along with their risk management and customer service updates.

A command center will handle the company’s daily workflow, and coordinate with other company departments as well.

Why Having A Social Media Command Center Important For A Business?

It is a fact that social media platforms have changed significantly over the last few years. Now, stories tend to spread wider and quicker than before, and so do your brand’s marketing and information.

The technology with which these command centers monitor and analyze the social media has become smarter, due to which the information gathered is more powerful and relevant. They can be helpful in various ways:

  • The command center will display the social data of an organization on large screens, so that all departments can view them and realize the company’s reputation in real-time
  • Companies get instant feedback from their customers, and identify the latest complaints and expectations from them
  • They also get a chance to find out where their competitors are excelling, so that they can also bring improvements in their business

Once you launch your marketing campaign, you can monitor its response at the command center in real-time. In this way, you will be able to catalyze embedding of the social media into your enterprise

How To Setup Your Own Social Media Command Center?

You can setup your own social media command center with just a few equipment, including a workstation, computers, flat screen TVs and dedicated Internet bandwidth. It is a great tip to set it up in a visible location, so that all members of the organization feel connected to it.

Categorize the incoming content into immediate, not urgent and no reply sections. You can also determine which key points you want to highlight on the screens. You can even make different things visible for different departments. By setting it up, you will be quickly come to know who is talking about your brand, what he is talking, and where in the world.

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